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GSC Enterprises, Inc.
Corporate Offices

130 Hillcrest Drive (75482)
P. O. Box 638 (75483-0638)
Sulphur Springs, Texas
(903) 885-7621

Executive Team

Michael K. McKenzie,
Chairman of the Board

Ryan McKenzie,
President and Chief Executive Officer

Kerry Law,
Vice President-Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Steve Rutherford,
Corporate Counsel

John Prickette,
Vice President-Sales & Marketing

Robert Cody,
Corporate Controller

Josh Hood,
Director of HR & Employee Engagement

David Burns,
Corporate Director of Analytics

Michael Williams,
Director of Operations

Retail Distribution

Grocery Supply Company
130 Hillcrest (75482)
P. O. Box 638 (75483-0638)
Sulphur Springs, Texas
(903) 885-7621
FAX 903-439-1056
HR Confidential FAX 903-885-8789

Customer Care
Nancy Bolton, Customer Care Manager

eCare Specialists
Katie Garrison, eCare Specialist

Pete Bowles, Southern Regional Sales Manger
Brenda Pope, Key Account Sales Manager
Larry Lane, Northern Regional Sales Manager
Joseph Shelton, Service Merchandise Account Manager

Teresa Reynolds, Director-Merchandising/Purchasing

Financial Services

Fidelity Express
1301 Main Street (75482)
P. O. Box 768 (75483-076)
Sulphur Springs, Texas
(800) 621-8030
FAX 903-885-6240

Marc Tafuro
Director of Sales & Operations

Barrett Williams
IT Director

Tracey Fatland
Customer Relationship Manager

Dolly Gilliam
Program Manager