Technology Tools

GSC eCare is a secure web portal which allows our customers real-time access to their specific information. Customers are able to view upcoming order distributions, view and download invoice data, generate purchase history reports, maintain custom price books and retails, and much more…

Latest Technology
GSC offers the latest technology in smart order solutions to assist in the ordering process. This includes scanning by UPC, order history, item information, and order alerts with advanced communications via the internet. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive service that is second to none.

Tailor Made System
Our system can be tailored to fit our customer’s specific needs and provide constantly updated data in all areas of operation such as: price books, invoices, price changes, retail changes, change data for in-store scanners, updated shelf labels, and more.

Technology Solutions
Combined with the support of our knowledgeable professionals, new applications are being developed constantly. As a customer of Grocery Supply Company, you can depend on us to provide the technology solutions you need in order to be successful.

A new browser app designed especially for you. This application can be used on any device that supports a browser. Enter orders, label orders and credits, view pricing and much more!

GSC Retailer Online Support

  • Product Movement
  • Vendor Rebates
  • Price Changes
  • Retail Maintenance
  • Invoice Downloading
  • Price Lookup

General Inquiry


The General Inquiry menu provides access to general account information, including delivery schedule, account balances, placed orders, and upcoming order distributions can be viewed. A searchable online catalog is available to view item and pricing description.


Purchase History


The Purchase History menu provides access to detailed invoice information, as well as, the purchase history for specific items. Report models can be created by manufacturer, category, or specific items. These can be used for category management and for vendor rebates.


The maintenance menu provides the ability to maintain a custom price book, item substitutions, and retail management. 




The Download menu provides the ability to download invoice data for store systems. Access is available for various documents such as the current MarketPulse Bulletin, Specialty Catalogs, Planograms, and other information.