Marketing Tools

If you are looking for ways to stay relevant to our retailers, consider the many types of marketing strategies available from GSC. Each marketing strategy can communicate the benefits and features of a product and lets our retailers and their customers take action towards a buying decision. Besides what is mentioned below, GSC has a marketing program especially suited to your brand.


Marketpulse is electronically sent via email to retailers and is available through GSC eCare. It provides retailers with pertinent market and industry information as well as current product and program information. There are several options for your marketing campaigns in MarketPulse. The covers, This Just In, New/Replacement Items, Allowances, Surveys, Promotions, Price Increases/Decreases, and Foodservice Items are all available to help market your product. Ask your Category Manager for details.

The Advantage

The Advantage is published quarterly. It can help retailers maximize profits and achieve a competitive Advantage in the retail market placeThe Advantage is available in traditional print and on-line through GSC eCare. It provides retailers a tool to purchase and pre-book seasonal items, shippers, counter units, and deep-discounted items. The Advantage is an excellent tool for displaying and promoting your product to retailers.

Advertising & Marketing

There are several other opportunities that can be a way to reach out to our retailers. The Master Catalog has product advertising placements and is printed every 13 weeks. Our Yearly Planner & Schedule is available for ad space in monthly and seasonal sections of the calendar. Another ideal avenue for advertising is the Fall Food Show featuring foodservice, first quarter Advantage, new programs, and promotions on open stock items. Internet Advertising is also available. Ask your Category Manager for details.